Matchbook vs. Betfair: Betting Markets, Commissions, and More

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Two of the most popular betting exchange sites on the planet, Matchbook and Betfair. However, there are also some differentiating factors between the two sites that give them the edge over the other in various areas. In this guide, we will compare Matchbook and Betfair, to help you determine which site is most worth your loyalty.

Matchbook vs. Betfair
Welcome offer 4/5 3/5
Betting Markets 3/5 5/5
Commission 4.5/5 4/5
Mobile App 4/5 4.5/5
Live betting & streaming 3/5 5/5
Overall rating 4/5 4.5/5
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Sign-up Offer: Matchbook

Matchbook is a betting exchange that has been in operation since 2005. This exchange bookmaker is active in the UK where Betfair dominates the market. 

The efficiency of a betting exchange is dependent on liquidity in a market which allows bets to be matched. Betfair offers liquidity in most markets so Matchbook must offer customers a reason to trade on their exchange.

The flat rate commission with Matchbook across all sports is 0% for 30 days.  This rate applies to customers in the UK and Ireland. The net win commission for customers located in the rest of the world is 4%. 

The commission rate is a key factor in attracting big-staking customers. For a win of £1000, each percentage point of commission is £10. So, at 2% the commission on a £1000 win is £20 and at 4% the commission on a £1000 win is £40. 

Matchbook is the only betting exchange that offers accumulator betting. Customers with Betfair can place multiple bets but through the sportsbook and not betting exchange.  Bettors at the Matchbook exchange can place multiple bets with 2 to 10 selections.

This concession is available on selected markets across the most popular betting sports.  The back and lay odds offer better value than odds with a standard bookmaker. Stakes are limited to the matching of a bet and the liquidity.

Customers with Matchbook can cash out bets and have access to a live a stream of many events.  The operator will also provide event-specific sign-up offers for new customers.    

See the Matchbook bonus code required to claim the offer of 0% Commission on All Sports for 30 days for odds of 2.0 or more. Betfair does have more welcome offers in general as they offer other gaming products, like bingo and poker, which are not currently available at Matchbook.

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Betting Markets: Betfair

Matchbook simply cannot keep up with Betfair when it comes to the betting markets offered at each site, but to be fair, not many sites on this planet can keep up with the massive selection at Betfair.

betfair betting markets

Matchbook has just about every sport you could want to bet on covered but has a relatively limited selection of markets to bet on, as their community simply lacks the large number of users that Betfair possesses to where they have more opportunities to place bets on a more diverse array of markets.

With Betfair having everything from big-name football matches to reality TV, they get the nod in this section of our Matchbook vs. Betfair debate.

Commission: Matchbook

Both Matchbook and Betfair charge a commission for bets placed at their sites and use those commissions to fund the very existence of the two sites. With so many exchange sites out there, and more popping up regularly, it is vital for these sites to remain competitive with their commissions while avoiding charging so little that they fail to be viable.

Matchbook does a better job of striking a balance in this section of our Matchbook vs. Betfair debate, with their commission structure taking less money from the winners on their site, to deliver an overall experience that is fairer to everyone.

Matchbook charges a commission of 2% on winning bets (outside of a promotion), compared to a 5% rake on winning bets at Betfair. Although Betfair users can earned a commission reduction rate by earning loyalty points.

Mobile App: Betfair

Matchbook has an exemplary mobile app, and their lack of a victory in this category of our Matchbook vs. Betfair review should not hinge on it is only slightly less good than the Betfair mobile app.

The Matchbook app is available on iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, and iPad devices, making it great for players who own several different types of devices or only carry one with them per trip.

mobile app Betfair

With all of that said, players at Betfair can rest assured that the apps that Betfair offers are simply superior to the app available from Matchbook. Betfair has apps for their exchange, sportsbook, poker, and other specific areas of their site. What is so enjoyable about this is the fact that players can only download the apps that interest them directly.

f you are a sports bettor, you only have to worry about their sports betting app. If a casino is more your game, you can play that exclusively through their casino app. In all, this method reduces the clutter of having to look at all of their materials on one app, which would be a nightmare to navigate through.

Live Betting and Streaming: Betfair

A matchup in the live betting and streaming category isn’t much of a competition when one of the two sites in question does not carry live streaming capabilities.

When it comes to this section of our Matchbook vs. Betfair review, Betfair gets the nod simply because it is able to show live streaming of sports around the world, including some elite European football leagues and more, all for the cost of simply having an active account with Betfair.

live streaming Betfair

In addition to having a distinct advantage in the live streaming portion of this debate, Betfair does carry more live betting markets than Matchbook as well. While this is not the fault of Matchbook, because players are the ones deciding which markets have an action in a betting exchange, Betfair’s players have come through for it by giving them more to choose from in live betting situations.

Overall Rating: Betfair

To be honest, there really is no wrong answer when trying to choose between Betfair and Matchbook, as both have a long list of positive qualities that put them at the top of the list of betting exchanges.

However, Betfair’s ability to offer live streaming, more betting markets, and offer a more personalized mobile app experience puts them over the top in our Matchbook vs. Betfair debate.

22 March 2021
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