Matchbook Tennis: Betting Markets, Odds, and More

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In this guide to Matchbook tennis betting, we will break down what you can expect when betting on tennis at Matchbook, to ensure an enjoyable and hopefully profitable experience. Find Tennis promo codes.

As a betting exchange, Matchbook differs from the traditional sportsbook experience, in that the bettors themselves are the ones setting the markets and odds, rather than the bookmakers.

What tennis events can I bet on at Matchbook?

The types of tennis events available for betting at Matchbook depend on both the types of events that are going on at the time, as well as the markets that bettors are offering. However, you can usually find a pretty wide array of tennis events to bet on.

In addition to the ATP and WTA events that are a given at any respectable betting site, players can also take a swing at lower tier events in the Challenger division for the men, and potentially the ITF for lower tier women’s tennis matches as well.

While the ATP and WTA events are a constant at any site that offers sports betting, even in an exchange environment, the lower tier events can be a source of great value in the exchange environment, as players have the ability to find market inefficiencies that simply would not exist if a regular bookmaker was setting the lines for each match to be wagered on.

Matchbook tennis betting

Pre-match tennis betting at Matchbook

Matchbook tennis betting allows for pre-match wagering on events both big and small, with some notable differences to be aware of before players dive into the action.

For larger events such as ATP and WTA matches, players can choose from markets that generally include match winner odds, game handicaps, set handicaps, and the total number of games played. In lower tier events, players instead tend to be more limited, as a result of there being fewer proposed wagers and fewer wagers as a whole.

When placing pre-match tennis bets at Matchbook, it is always vital to compare odds to other sportsbooks. While most sportsbooks tend to have similar odds on a given match or tournament, exchange sites can see fluctuations that vary based on what they players themselves propose to the rest of the exchange community.

To make sure that you are getting maximum value on your exchange plays, compare the odds that you see to the odds that exist elsewhere in the sports betting industry to ensure your best chance at profits.

Live tennis betting at Matchbook

Once a match starts, it doesn’t mean that Matchbook tennis betting is over for that event. Players can continue to wager against one another in any number of markets, which appear to be similar in volume to what you would encounter in the pre-match betting markets list at Matchbook.

matchbook tennis betting

Again, lower tier tournaments such as the Challenger division will tend to be limited to simple markets such as match winner odds, while things like spreads and totals will be available in-play for most major tour events. One would hope that Matchbook would address this in the future and incentivize players to dabble in more markets for in-play wagering, such as service game winner props, but whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Matchbook Tennis Odds

Odds at Matchbook depend entirely on the odds that players are willing to assign to a given betting market, which means that the odds at Matchbook can be better or worse than other betting sites, depending on what players are proposing for each match.

This, of course, can be both beneficial and detrimental to players on a rotating basis depending on what a player’s luck looks like when they look to place a wager on a specific market. Players also have the ability to set the odds for the matches that they propose wagering on, which gives them the chance to set beneficial odds for themselves that simply are not available at traditional sports betting sites.

The key to mastering the Matchbook tennis odds is to consistently compare the odds you see in the Matchbook exchange to the odds that exist at regular sportsbooks. Doing this will let you know if there is value in the odds that you are looking to place a wager at, or if a player is looking to take advantage of you and other players by proposing a wager with odds that do not match what the rest of the industry is offering.

Matchbook Tennis Summary

Players at Matchbook tennis can enjoy a wide range of betting markets in competitions ranging from big name tournaments in the ATP and WTA tours, to matches in lower divisions like the Challenger and ITF.

Markets tend to be more simplistic in lower tier tournaments, while there are a larger number of markets to choose from in the top tier tours. Players can bet on matches both before they begin and while they are in play.

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24 March 2021
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