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If you are interested in a Matchbook cashout feature, you will be happy to know that this operator has introduced their own version of the cashout with some slight tweaks. It is called Dynamic P&L and if you want to learn more about it, keep reading down below!


Is there a cashout function at Matchbook?

Matchbook has recently decided to improve their cashout feature and tweak it a little bit in order to create something more suitable to their betting exchange platform.

As this operator suggests, this new version of Matchbook cashout is going to be a smart way to safeguard your profit while doing some in-play betting.

It is called a Dynamic P&L, which stands for Dynamic Profit and Loss, and it was made available for all Matchbook markets.

Dynamic P&L or a modified Matchbook cashout is basically a representation of the potential profit and loss each bettor on the market can see and make decisions based on these predictions.

In theory, this specific feature can show you how any action you make on the betting exchange market affects your profit expectation.

This way, you can see what are the possible consequences of your actions before placing a bet. This really is, in essence, a smart way to safeguard your profit if you know how to analyse your moves ahead of time and, in the end, minimise your loss.

And the user interface is quite easy to handle too. Under each event, you are presented with a profit and loss according to your actions. Profits are shown with green colour, while the loss is shown in red.

In our opinion, this is even better than a regular cashout feature which can be found at online sportsbook platforms because these regular cashout options are usually connected to some additional costs or fees, which is not the case with Matchbook cashout.

There is also some additional flexibility when it comes to a betting exchange platforms like Matchbook as opposed to the traditional sportsbook betting platforms.

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How can I cash out a bet at Matchbook?

By now, you must have been asking yourself, how can I cash out a bet at Matchbook?

Don’t worry, this new Matchbook cashout feature is created to be simple and quickly accessible while you are placing your bets.

Here is an example of how you can do it by simply following these 5 steps:

  1. You back the football match market for over 2.5 goals at odds of 2.0.
  2. The current score is 1-1 and the odds have dropped to 1.6.
  3. At this point, Matchbook cashout will present you with two options – back or lay, along with the overview of your potential profit and loss if you make a specific action.
  4. While taking a specific action at this point, you can also adjust your stake.
  5. Using a simple calculator, you can also make your own strategies and tactics before placing a bet.

Since this Matchbook cashout feature is relatively new on the market, there are no proven tips from bettors on this platform that could serve as a relevant advice to the new players on this platform.

On the other hand, one general tip would be to utilise all the aspects of this new feature as much as you can in order to improve the chances of winning a reward.

The best part of dynamic P&L is that you can calculate your own profit and loss while looking at possible outcomes and therefore develop your own plan of action.

This way, you have more control and flexibility while placing your bets on a betting exchange market.

As a result of all these options that are given to you as a player, there are so many variations and possible outcomes. And, in our opinion, that is the beauty of the betting exchange platforms like Matchbook.

Frequently asked questions about matchbook dynamic profit & loss.

To conclude this review, we have decided to mention some of the frequently asked questions regarding this new feature.

Is there a Matchbook cashout feature?

This betting exchange platform has introduced a modified version of the cashout feature on their site. It is called Dynamic Profit and Loss and it helps you as a player have more control over your bets.

On which markets is this new feature available?

Matchbook has made dynamic P&L available on all markets across their betting exchange platform. If you want to find out how to use this new feature, you can read our review from the beginning or see this brand’s Help page.

What is the best part of dynamic P&L?

The best part of the dynamic profit and loss is the fact that you can see how your actions on the specific betting market are going to affect the outcome of your bets with a specific probability. This way, you can make decisions based on the information at hand.

Who can use this new feature?

All players who register for an account at the Matchbook betting exchange will be able to see this new feature available in their user interface. The fact that it was made for everyone on this platform says a lot about this brand’s relationship with the users.

What to do if dynamic P&L is not working properly?

Even though the possibility of these features to malfunction is small, you should definitely contact their customer support team and let them resolve any technical issues on the site.

3 April 2021
  • Matchbook

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