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Ever since its appearance in the market, Matchbook has strived to offer everything it could from the betting world to its customers. This includes Matchbook accumulators, which are one of the most popular types of bets.

While betting exchanges offer outstanding single bets, and provide their users with advanced statistics, they still lack some of the features that sportsbook brands still offer. In this review, we are going to talk about Matchbook accumulators, that is, everything important about playing accumulators at Matchbook.


How Can I Place an Accumulator With Matchbook?

Placing a Matchbook accumulator bet is different than placing it with a regular sportsbook. The concept is completely different.

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You cannot simply pick 5 games, put them on the same betting slip and place the bet.

Betting exchanges function via a matching bet principle. If you are willing to bet on a certain team the bet will have to find its match in the sea of bettors. Let’s take a look at how you can place these types of bets.

  1. Head over to the Matchbook betting exchange website.
  2. Take a look at the most popular sports and what bets you can find.
  3. If you see a specials tab, click on it.
  4. There, you will be able to find a selection of available accumulator bets.
  5. Simple Back or Lay on the selected bet and follow its progress.

As you can see, placing the bet is quite easy. However, you will have to dedicate some time to find a bet that you are would actually like to bet on. Now, let’s move onto whether you can find and matchbook system bets.


Matchbook System Bets

Betting with bookmakers makes it easier to find system bets. These bets mean that you can even in some cases win without guessing all of the pairs. It all depends on how good the bookmaker is.

As we are talking about system bets, we can only say that this type of a bet is something that you will rarely see being offered in the Matchbook exchange.

Can I Edit or Cash Out My Accumulator at Matchbook?

No matter whether we are talking about a regular Matchbook bet or a Matchbook accumulator bet, the rules are the same. If your bet is already matched, you cannot take any steps to cancel it, however, you can place other bets in the hope of evening out the profit/loss ratio.

However, before the bet is matched, you can easily retract it. This is great, as it leaves options open for you.

If you are having second thoughts about the bet you have placed, you have some time at your disposal to change your mind and change it.


What Are the Matchbook Accumulator Rules?

Every bookmaker makes the rules of the accumulator bets. Even though Matchbook is not a sportsbook, but a betting exchange, they still have rules that affect playing bets.

If you head over the General Terms and Conditions, you will be able to find several different rules regarding this type of bets.

  • Whenever a match or multiple matches are postponed or cancelled, all of the bets will become void in the accumulator market. This is found in the soccer and NFL section of the sports terms and conditions.
  • Also, all the bets made only refer to the regular period of the game time. For example, bets refer to the period of regular 90 minutes, unless the bet is different and refers to periods of time that occur after the regular time.
  • When it comes to Matchbook horse racing accumulator bets when a horse is unable to compete, the accumulator will remain valid, but particular lines will be void in the bet.

These are the most important rules that refer to Matchbook accumulator bets. However, as Matchbook continues improving its services and accumulator bets become available for a higher number of sports, new rules are certainly going to emerge that refer to many other different types of sports.

What Are the Matchbook Accumulator Bonuses?

Every brand finds a way to offer a bonus to their customers. When it comes to accumulator bet, this usually includes some type of accumulator insurance, bonus on winnings or some type of a special boost for playing an accumulator bet.

As Matchbook is a betting exchange and not a sportsbook, when it comes to bonuses on accumulators, you can rarely find some. However, this does not mean that you should not explore and see whether there is some sort of a Matchbook bonus available for accumulators.

The principle with these multiple bets is the same to the ones you can find at an online bookie’s. The principle is that the odds on games are multiplied to one another, and therefore, the possible come out is higher than betting on a single game.

All this is precisely why people bet on accumulator bets in the first place. The win comes with a much bigger reward. However, the trade-off is that the chances of actually winning the bet become significantly lower.

Matchbook Accumulator FAQ

The following are some FAQ about Matchbook Accumulator bets. We hope that the answers are going to be useful to you.

Is there accumulator bet bonus?

There is no specific accumulator bet bonus available with Matchbook. The only thing similar to a bonus is your accumulator bet security. If a game or multiple games are cancelled, the bet becomes void and your money is returned to you.

Does matchbook offer accumulator bets?

Matchbook does offer accumulator bets. Seek specials under the sports tab, and you will be able to find different bets available to you. You cannot make your own accumulators, because this is a betting exchange and not a regular sportsbook.

Can you cancel accumulator bet?

It depends whether the bet has been matched. If the bet has been matched, you cannot cancel it or edit it in any way. However, if your bet is still unmatched, you can cancel it.

18 March 2021
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