How to bet on cycling?

How to bet on cycling?

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How to bet on cycling?

First of all, it is good to point out that there are different types of cycling races: road cycling, cyclocross, track cycling, not forgetting mountain biking and much more. Specifically, we are going to explain what are the bets that you can make for road cycling, by far the most known and appreciated discipline among all those of this beautiful sport on two wheels.

Talking about road cycling we must immediately distinguish between two big macro-categories:

  • the one-day cycling races;
  • the stage races

One Day Race Cycling Bets

-Race Winner: It is necessary to indicate who will win the race (this bet is valid both for one day races and for the single stage of a stage race);
Head to Head between two athletes: The bookmaker proposes a comparison between two cyclists asking the user which of them will arrive first at the finish line of the race (this bet is valid not only for one day races but also for stage races);
-best of the list: the betting operator proposes a comparison between a group of athletes (usually between 4 and 8) asking the customer to indicate which one will arrive first on the finishing line (betting mode valid also for a single stage race);
-placed on the podium: in this modality the user is asked to indicate if a certain athlete will manage to arrive among the first three classified (in some cases it is also possible to find the quota placed among the first five and the first ten).

International events:

The most important cycling races are basically divided into 2 types that are those of the duration of a single day (also called inline races) and those in stages. The most important races of the duration of a single day are for example:

– The Milan-Sanremo
– The Paris-Roubaix
– The tour of the Flanders
– The Liege-Bastogne-Liege
– The Tour of Lombardy


The stage races instead (the name itself says it) are different because the race does not last one day but several days and every day you stop and then start again the next day. The most important stage races are:

– Giro d’Italia
– Tour de France
– The Vuelta a Espana

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