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Matchbook Tennis: Betting Markets, Odds, and More

Matchbook Tennis: Betting Markets, Odds, and More

5 December 2018
by Dutch TAYAO

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As a betting exchange, Matchbook differs from the traditional sportsbook experience, in that the bettors themselves are the ones setting the markets and odds, rather than the bookmakers. In this guide to Matchbook tennis betting, we will break down what you can expect when betting tennis at Matchbook, to ensure an enjoyable and hopefully profitable experience.

logo Matchbook

What tennis events can I bet on at Matchbook?

The types of tennis events available for betting at Matchbook depend on both the types of events that are going on at the time, as well as the markets that bettors are offering. However, you can usually find a pretty wide array of tennis events to bet on.

In addition to the ATP and WTA events that are a given at any respectable betting site, players can also take a swing at lower tier events in the Challenger division for the men, and potentially the ITF for lower tier women’s tennis matches as well.

While the ATP and WTA events are a constant at any site that offers sports betting, even in an exchange environment, the lower tier events can be a source of great value in the exchange environment, as players have the ability to find market inefficiencies that simply would not exist if a regular bookmaker was setting the lines for each match to be wagered on.

tennis review Matchbook

Pre-match tennis betting at Matchbook

Matchbook tennis betting allows for pre-match wagering on events both big and small, with some notable differences to be aware of before players dive into the action.

For larger events such as ATP and WTA matches, players can choose from markets that generally include match winner odds, game handicaps, set handicaps, and the total number of games played. In lower tier events, players instead tend to be more limited, as a result of there being fewer proposed wagers and fewer wagers as a whole.

When placing pre-match tennis bets at Matchbook, it is always vital to compare odds to other sportsbooks. While most sportsbooks tend to have similar odds on a given match or tournament, exchange sites can see fluctuations that vary based on what they players themselves propose to the rest of the exchange community.

To make sure that you are getting maximum value on your exchange plays, compare the odds that you see to the odds that exist elsewhere in the sports betting industry to ensure your best chance at profits.

Live tennis betting at Matchbook

Once a match starts, it doesn’t mean that Matchbook tennis betting is over for that event. Players can continue to wager against one another in any number of markets, which appear to be similar in volume to what you would encounter in the pre-match betting markets list at Matchbook.

live tennis betting Matchbook

Again, lower tier tournaments such as the Challenger division will tend to be limited to simple markets such as match winner odds, while things like spreads and totals will be available in-play for most major tour events. One would hope that Matchbook would address this in the future and incentivize players to dabble in more markets for in-play wagering, such as service game winner props, but whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Matchbook Tennis Odds

Odds at Matchbook depend entirely on the odds that players are willing to assign to a given betting market, which means that the odds at Matchbook can be better or worse than other betting sites, depending on what players are proposing for each match.

This, of course, can be both beneficial and detrimental to players on a rotating basis depending on what a player’s luck looks like when they look to place a wager on a specific market. Players also have the ability to set the odds for the matches that they propose wagering on, which gives them the chance to set beneficial odds for themselves that simply are not available at traditional sports betting sites.

The key to mastering the Matchbook tennis odds is to consistently compare the odds you see in the Matchbook exchange to the odds that exist at regular sportsbooks. Doing this will let you know if there is value in the odds that you are looking to place a wager at, or if a player is looking to take advantage of you and other players by proposing a wager with odds that do not match what the rest of the industry is offering.

Matchbook Tennis Promos

Matchbook tennis bettors have the chance to take advantage of the same Matchbook welcome bonus that all players are entitled to. That bonus offers players a bonus of up to £500, which comes in the form of commission reimbursement.

tennis welcome bonus Matchbook

This is an offer that doesn’t have the same pizzazz as some offers in the sports betting industry, but can be paired with the potential for added value through finding favorable odds in the exchange to be a lucrative opportunity for players all the same.

It must be pointed out that players at the Matchbook exchange have five weeks to rack up commissions before their offer expires, but that is a lot of time to place enough bets to take full advantage of this promotion. When all is said and done, saving £500 is a great way to get started with Matchbook, or any other site in the industry for that matter.

Matchbook Tennis Summary

Players at Matchbook tennis can enjoy a wide range of betting markets in competitions ranging from big name tournaments in the ATP and WTA tours, to matches in lower divisions like the Challenger and ITF.

Markets tend to be more simplistic in lower tier tournaments, while there are a larger number of markets to choose from in the top tier tours. Players can save up to £500 in commissions in their first five weeks of playing at Matchbook, and can bet on matches both before they begin and while they are in play.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
👍 Lots of matches to choose from👍 Could use more markets
👍 Live betting on all competition tiers
👍 Great welcome bonus

This Matchbook tennis betting guide will break down what you should expect when betting on tennis at Matchbook.

Matchbook Review: Welcome Bonus, Betting Markets, and More

Matchbook Review: Welcome Bonus, Betting Markets, and More

4 December 2018
by Dutch TAYAO

Commercial content | New Customers Only | 18+

Matchbook is one of the more popular betting exchanges on the market today, with the betting exchange format making it possible to gain value over other bettors that simply is not available against a traditional bookmaker. In this Matchbook review, we will analyze the welcome bonus, betting markets, and other key features to determine if Matchbook is worth your attention.

Matchbook ReviewOur rating
Welcome offer5/5
Betting markets4/5
Mobile App5/5
Live betting & streaming4/5
Payment options5/5
Customer service5/5
Overall rating
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Matchbook Welcome Bonus: 5/5

One of the advantages of playing at a betting exchange rather than a traditional sportsbook is that wagers are made between players rather than the house, with the house taking a commission of the settled wager rather than a cut in the form of juice upfront. Matchbook’s welcome bonus comes in the form of 0% commission on all sports, the type of offer which is becoming more and more common in the world of online betting exchanges.

Commission Free All Sports Until Dec 31st. New customers only. T&Cs apply

It’s a fairly simple offer, but helps to get the best value out of exchange betting so we can’t rate it higher. This welcome bonus earns top marks in our Matchbook review.

Matchbook Betting Markets: 4/5

The first stumble in this Matchbook review comes in the form of betting markets at Matchbook. While the site does cover a decent amount of sports and leagues, it falls short of traditional sportsbooks in the number of different markets to choose from.

betting markets Matchbook

This deficiency comes in two ways, the first being that most exchange bettors aren’t lining up to place bets on obscure leagues such as Bulgarian basketball, while regular sportsbooks have those odds available for anyone willing to take on the challenge of handicapping those matches.

The second shortfall with Matchbook’s betting markets is their relative lack of prop bets for each game, such as first goalscorer props in football. Matchbook has most spread, total, and moneyline wagers covered, but prop bets are an area where the site can improve its markets to say the least.

Matchbook Commission: 4/5

Commission at Matchbook is applied differently based on a number of circumstances. For bets where a player is accepting another player’s proposed wager, players are subject to a 1.5% commission. For bets that a player proposes that are then accepted, that commission rate is halved. Commission percentages are applied to the win amount for winning bets, and the lesser amount between your stake and the potential winnings for losing bets.

commission Matchbook

The commission rates for bets on the Matchbook exchange are not bad by any means, but having a consistent amount between the proposed wager rate and the accepted wager rate would be nice, as it feels like players are penalized for not inventing wagers. This loses Matchbook a point in our Matchbook review.

Matchbook Mobile App: 5/5

Matchbook earns top marks in our Matchbook review for the attention they paid to their various mobile apps. The Matchbook exchange app is available on iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, and iPad devices, to cover the bases of bettors who want to get their bets in on any number of devices.

mobile app Matchbook mobile version Matchbookmobile application Matchbook Casino

This is an often overlooked aspect when it comes to app quality, as not all bookmakers offer coverage on all of these devices. Combine that versatility with the fact that Matchbook’s apps are easy to use and navigate through, and Matchbook did a masterful job here.

Matchbook Live Betting and Streaming: 4/5

Matchbook offers live betting on as many events as their players will offer action on, which tends to be a large array of matches, including events such as lower level tennis tournaments in the Challenger division. It is safe to say that players will not have trouble finding matches to bet on in-play at Matchbook.

The site does not, however, offer live streaming, which loses them a point in this section of our Matchbook review.

Matchbook Payment Options: 5/5

payment options Matchbook

When it comes to payment options, Matchbook covers all of the major bases for its players. They accept credit and debit cards, as well as several popular eWallets and bank transfers. While you would like to see the site offer cryptocurrency support, that really isn’t necessary thanks to the legality of wagering online in the UK, so there is no reason to dock Matchbook for that in this Matchbook review.

Below is a list of available Matchbook payment options, along with some information on minimum and maximum deposits, along with processing times.

Payment methodMinimum depositMaximum depositPayment feeProcessing time
Credit/Debit cards£5£20000FreeInstant
Bank Transfer£5£750FreeInstant

Matchbook Customer Service: 5/5

Matchbook’s customer service methods also cover the bases that players are looking for at any betting site. They have live chat, phone, and email capability, that cover nearly all of the hours of the day, to address player concerns at nearly all times.

Contact methodLive chatTelephoneEmail
 Access detailsChoose the Live Chat option on the

Contact Us page of the site

(+44) 203 642 6867
Availability times8:00am to 1:00am dailyNot specifiedNot specified

Matchbook Overall Rating: 4.5/5

With a strong welcome bonus, a great series of mobile apps, and a quality array of betting markets to choose from, Matchbook is definitely worth a go for players looking to get into the betting exchange space. While exchange betting can differ from traditional sportsbook betting, Matchbook is sure to make the transition as smooth as possible.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
👍 Good welcome bonus👎 No live streaming
👍 Wonderful mobile apps👎 No player props
👍 Plenty of betting markets

This Matchbook review will analyze the positives and negatives of Matchbook betting exchange.

Matchbook Horse Racing: Betting Markets, Odds, and More

Matchbook Horse Racing: Betting Markets, Odds, and More

4 December 2018
by Dutch TAYAO

Commercial content | New Customers Only | 18+

The Matchbook betting exchange is a great place to find value on sporting events around the world, with horse racing being no exception to that rule with regard to potential profitability. In this Matchbook horse racing guide, we will break down the different types of markets available to Matchbook players, how the site’s odds stack up to their competition, and other factors that will help you get ready to bet on horse racing at Matchbook.

logo Matchbook

What horse racing events can I bet on at Matchbook?

Matchbook horse racing bettors can take advantage of a variety of different events that are available for betting. The markets that are available to players depends largely on the interests of the Matchbook betting exchange community, as players are the ones who propose the wagers that end up getting accepted by other players. In general, this leads to larger events being covered more thoroughly, with bets available on the larger races across the UK and United States.

With that said, there are plenty of less prestigious races available for wagering on Matchbook as well, with full cards from tracks around the world up for grabs. While a lot of what is on the menu, so to speak, depends on who feels like betting against you at a given time, at least you can go into each race with the knowledge that you can propose a wager at any time at Matchbook, in hopes that a fellow player accepts it. You can even pay less on commission should someone accept your wager than you would if you accepted someone else’s.

Pre-race horse racing betting at Matchbook

Unfortunately for Matchbook horse racing bettors, the window of betting markets available for action can be rather slim. Without a house to play against, bettors do not have the ability to place exotic bets such as trifectas, which carry with them the opportunity to make huge profits on small wagers. Instead, bettors simply have the chance to bet on, or against, who they think will win the races of their choosing.

This is not the ideal scenario for any horse racing bettor, as being able to pick out the top two or more finishers in a race is what can really drive up a player’s profits. But there are plenty of opportunities to find value with pre-race horse racing betting at Matchbook nonetheless, as players who know how to compare the odds of the races to those at more traditional sportsbooks can find odds that are too generous, giving them a better chance of making a sustained, long-term profit by simply exploiting those lines.

Live horse racing betting at Matchbook

Unfortunately, there is no live horse racing betting to be had at Matchbook, but that is not something that can be held against Matchbook horse racing betting, for the obvious reason that live horse racing betting really isn’t practical whatsoever.

Horse races tend to be short events, lasting a couple of minutes, or even less, depending on the distance of the race and the surface that is being run on. With so many of the horses so close together throughout the race, live horse racing betting would open betting sites up to giant liabilities that could easily do them irreparable harm from just a couple of steps by each horse in a short window.

Beyond the potential liability to the bookmakers, it simply isn’t possible to handicap a horse race in real time, with each and every step causing the odds to change in one way or another, there isn’t a man or machine capable of making the necessary changes to horse racing odds in real time so that they are suitable for live betting.

Matchbook horse racing promos

Players who enjoy Matchbook horse racing have the opportunity to take advantage of the main promo to be had at Matchbook: a 1.5% commission on net winnings.

For other sports, there is a welcome bonus code offer that allows players to win in the Matchbook exchange, while simultaneously winning in the form of getting their commission payments back.


Matchbook horse racing summary

Matchbook horse racing is about as good as an exchange betting experience can get in terms of its horse racing product. Without the house there to fund big payouts on exotic bets like exactas and trifectas, all that is really left for bettors to have action on is who will win each race outright. If you are someone who would rather risk a small amount of money for the chance to win a large payout on exotic horse racing bets, Matchbook may not be for you.

With all of that said, Matchbook is definitely worth your time if you are horse racing bettor. Their selection of horse racing events is very strong, as is their welcome bonus, that caters specifically to horse racing bettors given its ability to reward large payouts, even if a player didn’t risk a ton of money to earn that large payout. Sometimes in sports betting, simpler can be better, and in the case of Matchbook horse racing, that statement is accurate.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
👍 Lots of races to bet on👍 No exotic wagers
👍 Simple, straightforward horse racing betting
👍 Ability to exploit market inefficiencies from other players

In this Matchbook horse racing guide, we will break down the exchange’s betting markets, odds, and more.

Matchbook vs. Betfair: Betting Markets, Commissions, and More

Matchbook vs. Betfair: Betting Markets, Commissions, and More

3 December 2018
by Dutch TAYAO

Commercial content | New Customers Only | 18+

Two of the most popular betting exchange sites on the planet, Matchbook and Betfair have a lot in common. However, there are also some differentiating factors between the two sites that gives them the edge over the other in various areas. In this guide, we will compare Matchbook and Betfair, to help you determine which site is most worth your loyalty.

Matchbook vs. Betfair
Welcome offer4/53/5
Betting Markets3/55/5
Mobile App4/54.5/5
Live betting & streaming3/55/5
Overall rating4/54.5/5
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Sign-up Offer: Matchbook

Let’s take a look at the current exchange offers of each site, Matchbook vs Betfair. At Matchbook, the offer is 0% commission on all sports while over at Betfair the deal is £20 free bet. These offers are for new players only, and no duplicate accounts are allowed.

New customers only, bet up to €/£20 on the Exchange and if your first bet loses, we’ll refund you €/£20 in Cash. Bet must be placed in first 7 days of account opening. T&Cs apply

While the Betfair bonus amount sounds higher, we actually prefer the Matchbook offer on this occasion of 0% commission on all sports, as we feel you will save more money on commission during the promotional period, as well as in the long run. Don’t forget that Matchbook has an industry-low commission rate, while Betfair charges up to 5% commission on net profits made in all exchange markets.

Commission Free All Sports Until Dec 31st. New customers only. T&Cs apply

Therefore, we suggest using Matchbook bonus code MBMAX to claim the offer and a special enhanced casino bonus. Betfair does have more welcome offers in general as they offer other gaming products, like bingo and poker, which are not currently available at Matchbook.

*T&Cs apply for both operators

Betting Markets: Betfair

Matchbook simply cannot keep up with Betfair when it comes to the betting markets offered at each site, but to be fair, not many sites on this planet can keep up with the massive selection at Betfair.

betting markets Betfair

Matchbook has just about every sport you could want to bet on covered but has a relatively limited selection of markets to bet on, as their community simply lacks the large number of users that Betfair possesses to where they have more opportunities to place bets on a more diverse array of markets.

With Betfair having everything from big name football matches to reality TV, they get the nod in this section of our Matchbook vs. Betfair debate.

Commission: Matchbook

Both Matchbook and Betfair charge a commission for bets placed at their sites, and use those commissions to fund the very existence of the two sites. With so many exchange sites out there, and more popping up regularly, it is vital for these sites to remain competitive with their commissions, while avoiding charging so little that they fail to be viable.

commission Matchbook

Matchbook does a better job of striking a balance in this section of our Matchbook vs. Betfair debate, with their commission structure taking less money from the winners on their site, to deliver an overall experience that is more fair to everyone.

Matchbook charges a commission of 1% on both winning and losing bets, compared to a 5% rake on winning bets at Betfair. While losing bettors don’t have to pay any commission at Betfair, most bettors would argue that they would rather lose 1% on top of a losing bet than have 5% taken from them every time they are victorious.

When you think about it, Matchbook’s commission structure is one of fairness when compared to that of Betfair. With two parties agreeing to make every wager on exchange sites, both parties should bear some of the responsibility for paying the commissions. Matchbook laudably understands that, and their decision to have both sides of each bet pay a chunk of the overall commissions is a great move for both the site and for bettors.

Mobile App: Betfair

Matchbook has an exemplary mobile app, and their lack of a victory in this category of our Matchbook vs. Betfair review should not hinge on it being only slightly less good than the Betfair mobile app.

The Matchbook app is available on iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, and iPad devices, making it great for players who own several different types of devices, or only carry one with them per trip.

mobile app Betfair

With all of that said, players at Betfair can rest assured that the apps that Betfair offers are simply superior to the app available from Matchbook. Betfair has apps for their exchange, sportsbook, poker, and other specific areas of their site. What is so enjoyable about this is the fact that players can only download the apps that interest them directly.

f you are a sports bettor, you only have to worry about their sports betting app. If casino is more your game, you can play that exclusively through their casino app. In all, this method reduces the clutter of having to look at all of their materials on one app, which would be a nightmare to navigate through.

Live Betting and Streaming: Betfair

A matchup in the live betting and streaming category isn’t much of a competition when one of the two sites in question does not carry live streaming capabilities. When it comes to this section of our Matchbook vs. Betfair review, Betfair gets the nod simply because it is able to show live streaming of sports around the world, including some elite European football leagues and more, all for the cost of simply having an active account with Betfair.

live streaming Betfair

In addition to having a distinct advantage in the live streaming portion of this debate, Betfair does carry more live betting markets than Matchbook as well. While this is not the fault of Matchbook, because players are the ones deciding which markets have action in a betting exchange, Betfair’s players have come through for it by giving them more to choose from in live betting situations.

Overall Rating: Betfair

To be honest, there really is no wrong answer when trying to choose between Betfair and Matchbook, as both have a long list of positive qualities that put them at the top of the list of betting exchanges. However, Betfair’s ability to offer live streaming, more betting markets, and offer a more personalized mobile app experience puts them over the top in our Matchbook vs. Betfair debate.

This guide will compare and contrast betting exchanges Betfair and Matchbook.

Matchbook Casino Review: Games, Live Casino, and More

Matchbook Casino Review: Games, Live Casino, and More

3 December 2018
by Dutch TAYAO

Commercial content | New Customers Only | 18+

Matchbook Casino serves as a complement to the Matchbook betting exchange, as it offers players the chance to wager on a number of different casino games. In this Matchbook Casino review, we will analyze the casino games available to players at Matchbook, as well as their live dealer offerings, and other features so you can decide if Matchbook Casino is the place for you.

Matchbook Casino reviewOur rating
Welcome offer4/5
Casino games3/5
Live casino5/5
Mobile App5/5
Other promos5/5
Customer service5/5
Overall rating
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logo Matchbook

Matchbook Casino Welcome Bonus: 4/5

The Matchbook Casino welcome bonus is a decent one, but it fails to offer players who enjoy higher stakes much to get excited about. It does, however, offer a solid percentage return on a player’s initial investment, while also offering some added value in the form of free spins, salvaging its standing in our Matchbook Casino review.

matchbook casino bonus

New players at Matchbook can receive a 100% initial deposit bonus as well as 100 wager free spins. An extra £100 is not that impressive, and not worth much to players who plan on doing a lot of betting in the Matchbook Casino. But players who are more recreational bettors and looking to have a good time with small stakes should find the Matchbook Casino welcome bonus more than sufficient.

18+. New players only. Wagering requirement 35x. This bonus has a Max bet rule of £2. This means you can not bet/risk more than £2 in any one hand/spin. The free spins will expire after 7 days. T&Cs apply.

Matchbook Casino Games: 3/5

The problem with sites like Matchbook getting involved in things like casino gaming is that they are always going to look underwhelming when compared to sites that are designed for casino games and casino games only.

Casino games Matchbook

Our Matchbook Casino review doesn’t give a poor mark to Matchbook’s game selection because it’s bad, necessarily, as there are plenty of games to keep players entertained. Instead, this subpar mark is the result of other online casino sites simply being better at providing a long list of games for players to choose from.

At this stage of the industry, sites need to do more to keep up with the highly specialized casino sites that have tons of games, because they only work in that one area. Matchbook has not yet found a way to keep up with those sites, hence the bad grade in this section of our Matchbook Casino review.

Matchbook Live Casino: 5/5

What Matchbook lacks in its regular casino games, it makes up for with its live casino options, earning them top marks in this section of our Matchbook Casino review. Matchbook does a great job of making the live dealer section of its site into something as close as possible to being like what you would find on an actual casino floor.

live casino Matchbook

Players can choose from several variations on a number of different live dealer games, such as a number of different roulette variants. Stakes vary from extremely small amounts all the way up to numbers in the thousands per hand, depending on what your budgets are.

In total, there are 17 live dealer games to choose from at Matchbook Casino, which means that the live dealer section of the site is perfect for players who enjoy many different games, while it is also perfect for players who enjoy many different types of stakes. That is how you build a strong live casino section.

Matchbook Casino Mobile App: 5/5

Matchbook Casino review readers will be happy to know that Matchbook Casino has a ton of good things going for it in their mobile app, with players on a number of different device types able to download the app and enjoy the Matchbook Casino experience.

mobile application Matchbook Casinomobile app Matchbookmobile version Matchbook

The Matchbook app is available on iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, and iPad devices, which is a level of versatility that suits just about any type of player, without regard to device type or the vast majority of operating systems out there.

Once you are in the app, it is very easy to get to where you want to go, with easy to navigate menus taking players between sections of the Matchbook site, in a visually appealing way.

Matchbook Casino Other Promos: 5/5

Matchbook Casino does a great job of adding additional casino promotions to its already decent welcome bonus. Players can have their deposits matched up to specific percentages depending on which bonuses are active, or can enjoy other perks such as bonuses for using the live dealer section of the site. It is always advised to look into which promotions are currently running at Matchbook Casino before making a deposit and trying to claim one, to avoid any confusion and frustration later on. Also, be sure to always read the terms and conditions for each offer, just to be sure that you understand the fine-print.

Matchbook Casino Customer Service: 4.5/5

For Matchbook Casino review readers, it should be said that Matchbook Casino has a largely excellent customer service experience. The site has representatives who are available by live chat, phone, and email, with the one drawback being that their live chat service is not available 24 hours per day, but rather from 8am to 1am daily.

Contact methodLive chatTelephoneEmail
Access detailsChoose the Live Chat option on the

Contact Us page of the site

(+44) 203 642
Availability times8:00am to 1:00am dailyNot specifiedNot specified

Matchbook Casino Payment Options

Matchbook Casino has a strong grouping of payment options that cover a large number of financial situations, with many different eWallets and credit/debit options available for players to fund their accounts.

Payment methodMinimum depositMaximum depositPayment feeProcessing time
Credit/Debit cards£5£20000FreeInstant
Bank Transfer£5£750FreeInstant

Matchbook Casino Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks to a splendid live dealer section, along with a nice selection of promotions to choose from, there is definitely plenty to like at Matchbook Casino. While the roster of casino games could be deeper, that does not outweigh all of the positives from this site.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
👍 Lots of live dealer games👎 Needs more casino games
👍 Plenty of promotions👎 Welcome bonus lacks sizzle
👍 Strong customer service team

This Matchbook Casino review will analyze the available games, and other features of Matchbook Casino.

Matchbook Payment Options: Payment Methods + Account Verification

Matchbook Payment Options: Payment Methods + Account Verification

3 December 2018
by Dutch TAYAO

Commercial content | New Customers Only | 18+

Matchbook’s sports betting exchange is a fun way to bet against other sports fans, rather than against the house. But in order to get started with Matchbook, players have to use Matchbook payment options to fund their accounts. In this guide, we will break down different payment options, as well as account verification tips for players looking to get started at Matchbook.

logo Matchbook

Step by step guide to payment

Players at Matchbook have a number of different deposit and withdrawal options at their disposal. In this guide, we will show you how to successfully make a deposit and withdrawal at Matchbook

payment options Matchbook

How to make a deposit

  1. Log into your Matchbook account, or create an account if you have not already done so.
  2. Enter the Matchbook bonus code if you wish to claim the sign up bonus.
  3. Click the Deposit button in the top right-hand corner of the Matchbook website.
  4. Choose the Matchbook deposit option that you would like to use, as well as the amount that you would like to deposit.
  5. Submit your deposit, and ensure that the funds were put into your Matchbook account.

How to make a withdrawal

  1. Log into your Matchbook account. Before taking these steps, make sure that your account is verified with Matchbook, so you can ensure eligibility.
  2. Transfer the funds that you would like to withdraw from your sportsbook wallet to your casino wallet, as the casino wallet is where withdrawals are taken from.
  3. Click on your username while logged into your Matchbook account, and choose the Deposit button in the menu that appears.
  4. Choose the Matchbook withdrawal option you would like to use, as well as the amount you would like to withdraw, and submit your request.

Matchbook Wallet Management

At Matchbook there are different wallets that players must navigate when using the site. While this can be cumbersome at times, it is a positive that players can manage their bankrolls across different sections of the site separately, rather than having every transaction lumped together into one giant wallet that could get difficult to keep track of.

When making deposits using Matchbook payment options, or making a withdrawal using Matchbook withdrawal options, players will have their funds put into or taken out of their casino balance initially. If you are making a deposit, that means that you will need to transfer funds from your casino wallet into your sportsbook wallet if you want to bet on the Matchbook exchange. For Matchbook withdrawals, players must transfer the funds that they would like to withdraw into their casino wallet before requesting their withdrawal.

Matchbook Payment Methods

Players at Matchbook have a large number of deposit and withdrawal methods to choose from, with Matchbook payment options ranging from credit and debit cards, to popular eWallets, for a combination of Matchbook payment options that are for every type of player. In this section of our guide, we will run down the different Matchbook deposit options and Matchbook withdrawal options to choose from.

Matchbook Deposit Options

Payment methodMinimum depositMaximum depositPayment feeProcessing time
Credit/Debit cards£5£20000FreeInstant
Bank Transfer£5£750FreeInstant

Matchbook Withdrawal Options

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawalMaximum withdrawalPayment feeProcessing time
Credit/Debit Card£5£20000Free1-3 days
Neteller£10£37500Free1-4 hours
Skrill£5£25000FreeWithin 24 hours
Bank Transfer£100£50000FreeWithin 24 hours


1. Are payments secure at Matchbook?

Yes, as a sportsbook in a country where sports betting is properly regulated, Matchbook payment options are subject to stringent regulations and security precautions. If these methods were not secure, Matchbook would run the risk of losing their license as a sports betting and casino operator, which is not a risk that would be beneficial to players or themselves.

2. Which currencies are available at Matchbook?

The currencies available for play at Matchbook are the Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, American Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and the Hong Kong Dollar. For players who do not have these currencies, your local currency can be exchanged for these currencies to allow you to play at Matchbook.

3. How can I set a deposit limit at Matchbook?

Players at Matchbook can set up deposit limits through the help section of the Matchbook website. Players can be directed to the responsible gaming section of the Matchbook site, which will direct them to where they can set these limits and ensure that their betting experience at Matchbook remains fun.

4. What is the customer verification process at Matchbook?

When players create an account at Matchbook, they will be prompted to provide a couple of different documents that can help to verify a player’s identity, to ensure that they are allowed to play at Matchbook. Players must present one photo identifier as well as one document that verifies their address. Photo verification documents can be a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card, while the proof of address can be a tax or utility bill. Players can email these documents to Matchbook, fax them, or send them over via postal mail.

5. I haven’t received my withdrawal yet, what should I do?

Reaching out to customer service would be the best decision, as they can look at your account and figure out the fastest way to resolve your issue.

6. Can I cancel a withdrawal?

Yes, so long as it has not already been processed, players can contact client support via live chat or email to initiate a withdrawal cancellation.

Matchbook customer service evaluation

customer service Matchbook

Matchbook can be contacted by live chat, phone, or email, which covers the bases of just about every player’s needs. The live chat option is available to players around the clock, and is ideal for players who want to get an answer to their inquiries around the clock, no matter what their question may be. Matchbook customer service has a positive reputation, and understandably so given that they have so many options for players to get their concerns addressed.

This guide to Matchbook Payment options will outline different payment methods, and account verification information.

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